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Penetration Testing & Forensic Examination

Penetration Testing with OS X:

When talking about penetration testing, the first operating system coming to mind is a *nix operating system, and mainly “Backtrack”, but as I’m using OS X most of the time to write my reports and not always carrying my working laptop with me (which as a custom distribution with hacking tools),  I installed a few tools on my mac. This page is thus dedicated to penetration testing and Forensic Examination. The page will cover how to install tools on OS X Lion.  It will be divided in sub-pages following mainly basic categories and  will be updated following my needs and the tools that I’m using.

Pros and Cons:


  • OS X is an out of the box *nix flavor operating system
  • Easy access to a shell, python, perl, C
  • Fast and Easy


  • Proprietary
  • Sources closed
  • Tools not supported by OS X

As I said before, my  main penetration testing operating system is not OS X, however I think that OS X may be used in many cases, or even to clear the ground.


Networking :



  • Metasploit

 Forensic Examination:


  • xxd