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Google Two Factor Authentication and SSH

For my research and during my free time I’m managing and using multiple ¬†GNU/Linux machines over SSH so I decided to try the Google Two Factor Authentication. Google Authenticator is a completely open source project, this means that you can compile the sources from scratch, contribute to the project, or even examine and read the […]

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SSH known host on OSX

To manage my multiple machines and test computers on my local network I use SSH, and often after reinstalling a test machine I want to connect back by SSH and my Mac just pops me back this message :

I usually find this message quiet annoying, but knows the commands to avoid this problem, […]

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E-mail SSH Connections

This solution applies if you want to receive an e-mail when one connects to your server via SSH. open a command line and type in :

at the end of the file add the following command :

When one will now connect to your server, you will receive an advertisement e-mail.

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