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Infinite Loop with Dashlane

Today I ran into my first problem using Dashlane,  do you remember this post where I said : “Guys you should use Dashlane because it’s awesome, especially in case of a password leak” ? I remember it well ! and I believe that Dashlane is an awesome tool to “avoid” your  passwords to be leaked. However […]

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Encrytpted Folder on Mac OS X

Today a friend of mine told me that  while he was traveling that his laptop was stolen, unfortunately for him, it was his work laptop containing all his data, projects, presentations and a few clients data.  Fortunately, he told me that the laptop was using truecrypt, that all the files contained on the laptop were […]

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Hidden Wi-Fi Diagnostics Tool In Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

During my search on “How to show the Library Folder on OS X Lion” I found an nice article talking about a hidden Wi-Fi Diagnostic Tool in OS X Lion, and after a few tests, I thought that it was a good idea to publish it on my blog as well.   In Mac OS […]

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