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Purge OS X inactive Memory

The memory in OSX is divided in four important categories such as shown below :   Those “types” of memory combined together are the full size of your ram, in my case 8Gb. Each type as a specific function in OS X those are described below : Free: This is RAM that’s not being used. […]

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Encrytpted Folder on Mac OS X

Today a friend of mine told me that¬† while he was traveling that his laptop was stolen, unfortunately for him, it was his work laptop containing all his data, projects, presentations and a few clients data.¬† Fortunately, he told me that the laptop was using truecrypt, that all the files contained on the laptop were […]

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Troubleshooting your mac

Today, my Mac got stuck, I decided to reset the PRAM and the SMC : PRAM is the acronym of “parameter ram”, and might sometimes get corrupted. Pram contains: Status of AppleTalk Serial Port Configuration and Port definition Alarm clock setting Application font Serial printer location Autokey rate Autokey delay Speaker volume Attention (beep) sound […]

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Code Coloration with VIM on OS X

This will help you to enable the colors in VIM on MAC : Simply follow this line :

Now you should have a VIM with colors enabled when writing code.

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Who’s connected ?

To know who’s connected on your computer use the following commands : Commands : who : show the connected users : Linux/Mac last : show last connexion (passed ) : Linux / Mac lastb : show last connexion (failed) : Linux These files may also contain clues :

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