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Intruded Nº4

Level four :

It looks like the second challenge, but, let’s have a closer look to the inside :

After isolation of the important instructions :

I used brake points :

Let’s have a closer look to $esp

This was the password I typed in, let’s see further

Seems […]

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Intruded Nº3

Let’s connect to the server :

Let’s directly go to the Wargame folder

Multiple small program, let’s try them all :

It looks like we have to use ./prog we have to read /home/level4/.passwd … and ./prog is reading the file /tmp/file.log and printing the content … so let’s link both


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Intruded nº2

Now that we succeeded the first level, let’s go for the second one. Once connected to the second level you see this :

let’s see the available files and directories :

Let’s explore a bit further :

and a bit further

Finally, a wargame folder

Let’s run the small program […]

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Intruded nº1

Today I tried the Intruded Leviathan wargame. This resolves the first challenge :   open a terminal type “ssh -p 10101” type the password  leviathan Connect to the remote web server :

First thing to do, evaluate the situation with the following command :

As we can see there is a .backup […]

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