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[Review] Social Engineering: The Art of Human Hacking

I have been reading the “Social Engineering: The Art of Human Hacking” twice lately, the first time to have an overview of the book, and the second time to improve the techniques I tried to apply after my first reading. My first reading was fast, I wanted to know what techniques Christopher Hadnagy (the author) […]

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Basic Shellcode Analysis

Analyzing a shellcode is always instructive, it can give the penetration tester hints about what is used in it, or the penetration tester can learn about the techniques used, but he might also prevent himself to use destructive shellcodes. After a few searches on the Internet I found a pastebin page to illustrate my example. […]

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Installing Gerix on Ubuntu from Backtrack’s repository

GerixWiFiCracker is GUI for Aircrack-ng suite, is designed for pentesting in a realworld with efficent and userfriendly graphic interface. Note: This small tutorial is based on the repositories from backtrack 5 R1 and ubuntu 11.10 and ubuntu 12.04 The first step is to add those lines to “etc/apt/sources.list”

Once those lines added to the […]

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“Hacking” Friends Hotmail’s Accounts

There are a few existing ways of hacking an hotmail account, such as brute-force, or the secrete answer/question, but today I(and friends) found another “way” of doing it (that I never heard before) Long story short : To make it work, the hacker needs to know the “save” e-mail address, and hope, this address has […]

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Hidden Wi-Fi Diagnostics Tool In Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

During my search on “How to show the Library Folder on OS X Lion” I found an nice article talking about a hidden Wi-Fi Diagnostic Tool in OS X Lion, and after a few tests, I thought that it was a good idea to publish it on my blog as well.   In Mac OS […]

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FaceBook worm quick and dirty review

Introduction: Facebook is very popular among the world, and loads of “hackers”/ “script kiddies”  would like to send messages to your contacts for fun and profit. In this little quick and dirty review I will briefly analyse a worm that spreads on Facebook. Analyse: A few minutes ago, I was invited by a friend to […]

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Intruded Nº3

Let’s connect to the server :

Let’s directly go to the Wargame folder

Multiple small program, let’s try them all :

It looks like we have to use ./prog we have to read /home/level4/.passwd … and ./prog is reading the file /tmp/file.log and printing the content … so let’s link both


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