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Intruded Nº4

Level four :

It looks like the second challenge, but, let’s have a closer look to the inside :

After isolation of the important instructions :

I used brake points :

Let’s have a closer look to $esp

This was the password I typed in, let’s see further

Seems […]

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Intruded nº1

Today I tried the Intruded Leviathan wargame. This resolves the first challenge :   open a terminal type “ssh -p 10101” type the password  leviathan Connect to the remote web server :

First thing to do, evaluate the situation with the following command :

As we can see there is a .backup […]

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UDP Flooder in C

Yesterday we where still working on some attacks on our  bench test  and we tried some exploits on IP phones that we found on the internet. Most of them where making DOS or DDOS on the phones, this means that the phones were basically freezing.  Then we made some modification to a C UDP flooder […]

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