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Gnuplot Zoom In

This is another post about Gnuplot, and how to use multiplot  and zoom-in on data points/ lines  that can be difficult to distinguish.  Using multiplot will allow to place a secondary plot inside the main one, “emulating” a zoom on data points, by using a different scale. The plot will be placed to specific coordinates for clarity. […]

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Brew Gnuplot on OSX Mavericks

I had to install Gnuplot today on OS X Mavericks.  To do so, I used homebrew, which is an easy way to install the missing packages from OSX, and that  I need to work. After typing in the following command in my terminal :

I obtained the following error :

I tried to  link the […]

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How To Start with Gnuplot

Gnuplot: Gnuplot is a “simple” command line tool that generates 2D, 3D, GIF  graphs which can be used along with all major operating systems and which is often used in publications due to it’s high quality graphics.  The next paragraphs illustrate a few simple examples to start as well as how and why to make […]

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