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Forensic : Disable Pattern Locks on Android

This morning I came across this new method to “Disable Pattern Locks on Android” and I believe that it’s an awesome news for the forensic world. From a mobile forensic point of view, the news will help forensic examiners to recover data, however the forensic examiner will have to delete files and the phone and […]

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Forensic Bookmark.plist from Safari

I was reading some documents on Mac Os X forensic, and I was searching how to get back the Bookmark.plist from safari to parse it and read it easily. I knew that this file is located in the following folder :

I was thinking that “plist” files where always XML documents and tried with python to […]

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Hidden password in an extended attribute

Today I was playing with some forensic challenges and I got surprised by one of them. We had to analyse an image. My first guess was to use some steganography tools, but after an hour, I decided to move on and to research how to hide data on Mac OS X (because the challenge specified that […]

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