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C Language Tricks

I have been using C for a couple of years now and I always thought about writing a small post about C tricks I learnt over the years, and here I am. This morning I basically came acros a website showing a few C tricks that I already used and I finally got the inspiration […]

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UDP Flooder in C

Yesterday we where still working on some attacks on our  bench test  and we tried some exploits on IP phones that we found on the internet. Most of them where making DOS or DDOS on the phones, this means that the phones were basically freezing.  Then we made some modification to a C UDP flooder […]

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Creating one Pixel in a BMP in C

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This code was just a challenge, I wanted to create a simple image file with BMP headers.  The following code simply generate pink pixel . There is actually a pixel on this post somewhere there —>

The code is pretty simple, however has not been commented, for more information have a look to the […]

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