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The bad, The good, and The ugly Picture

This is a subject I wanted to write about for a while, and here it is, after a long hour of playing God of War Ascension, I saw the avatar of a friend of mine and it directly reminded me of the post I wanted to write. Should parents post pictures of their children online […]

[Review] Practical Lock Picking

Lately I bought the book “Practical Lock Picking : A physical Penetration Tester’s Training Guide”  by Deviant Ollam, and I loved it.  I have been practicing lock picking since a year now and always enjoy  such as great reading to improve my hobby skills. The book takes a practical approach and describes locks with clear […]

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PlainText Passwords at HMV

Today I received a mail from HMV telling me that my two years old points where going to expire, and that’s how I decided to log in on the website and spend them. Unfortunately I did not remember my password and clicked directly on the button “password reminder”.  A few minutes later, I received an e-mail […]

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Learn Software Exploitation

Since a few years I have seen many questions on forums pretty similar to that one “how to learn hacking ?“, and usually the answer is “you have to try“. Usually the answers are not very helpful nor redirect the new ethical hackers to good ressources. To answer that question myself, I would begin with […]

Flaws in The USA

Lately, I was traveling across the United States, I went from Miami to the big apple stopping here in there when there was something to visit, anyway during the trip I saw a fair amount of security issues that are well know, but I thought they would all be fixed by now, but nope ! so […]