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Purge OS X inactive Memory

The memory in OSX is divided in four important categories such as shown below :   Those “types” of memory combined together are the full size of your ram, in my case 8Gb. Each type as a specific function in OS X those are described below : Free: This is RAM that’s not being used. […]

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Encrytpted Folder on Mac OS X

Today a friend of mine told me that  while he was traveling that his laptop was stolen, unfortunately for him, it was his work laptop containing all his data, projects, presentations and a few clients data.  Fortunately, he told me that the laptop was using truecrypt, that all the files contained on the laptop were […]

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Hidden Wi-Fi Diagnostics Tool In Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

During my search on “How to show the Library Folder on OS X Lion” I found an nice article talking about a hidden Wi-Fi Diagnostic Tool in OS X Lion, and after a few tests, I thought that it was a good idea to publish it on my blog as well.   In Mac OS […]

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Show the ~/Library Folder on OS X Lion

I discovered a few days ago that on my brand new version of OS X Lion, my library folder was hidden, and that the only way to access it was to use the Terminal. After a few searches on the web, I found the right command to apply to my Library folder.   chflags : […]

Export Path OS X Lion

Today I searched how to export a path in OSX Lion for the installation of NetDiscover. After a few searches on Google I found the following blog post from Adam Jordens (link) explaining how Lion was managing the paths, I will resume it briefly. On most of the Linux distributions, and on the previous versions […]

Bypass a Blocked NAT

A few years ago, I was staying in a student accommodation, where I had to pay to connect devices to the internet.  Since I was doing a Master in Computer Science, I had many devices to connect and decided to buy a router / switch Cisco Linksys E2000 and use the Network Address Translation to […]

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Forensic Bookmark.plist from Safari

I was reading some documents on Mac Os X forensic, and I was searching how to get back the Bookmark.plist from safari to parse it and read it easily. I knew that this file is located in the following folder :

I was thinking that “plist” files where always XML documents and tried with python to […]

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Ping Script

This is a basic Ping Script : It first pings the then pings the after that it pings the and finally pings the address Why does it pings 1.1 and 2.1 ? Because my friend wanted to use it in different areas, ( he his not familiar with the shell ) […]

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Hidden password in an extended attribute

Today I was playing with some forensic challenges and I got surprised by one of them. We had to analyse an image. My first guess was to use some steganography tools, but after an hour, I decided to move on and to research how to hide data on Mac OS X (because the challenge specified that […]

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Troubleshooting your mac

Today, my Mac got stuck, I decided to reset the PRAM and the SMC : PRAM is the acronym of “parameter ram”, and might sometimes get corrupted. Pram contains: Status of AppleTalk Serial Port Configuration and Port definition Alarm clock setting Application font Serial printer location Autokey rate Autokey delay Speaker volume Attention (beep) sound […]

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