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How to Burn a DVD in the Terminal

A quick reminder on how to burn a an ISO using the terminal. Install ”wodim”

Install “inxi”

Identify Drive

Read output

Burn your ISO


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Plot Pings With Gnuplot

Recently I was discussing some problems occurring on my landline with my ISP’s customer service, and some connectivity issues that they couldn’t fix. After sending them a couple of traceroutes, pings, router logs, I also decided to plot some of the data for them, because they seemed having difficulties to spot the problems. So I […]


Google Two Factor Authentication and SSH

For my research and during my free time I’m managing and using multiple  GNU/Linux machines over SSH so I decided to try the Google Two Factor Authentication. Google Authenticator is a completely open source project, this means that you can compile the sources from scratch, contribute to the project, or even examine and read the […]

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Install Nvidia Drivers and CUDA 5 on Linux

This post is a simple, quick and easy “how to”  install Nvidia Tesla drivers and CUDA 5 on Linux Ubuntu Server 11.10. CUDA is a parallel computing architecture which enables dramatic increases of computing performances by harnessing the power of the graphic processing unit (GPU). This guide covers the installation of the Nvidia Tesla K20m […]

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CPU Information on Linux and OS X

This is small blog post detailing how to obtain information on your CPU on Linux and Mac OSX. These commands give information such as the instruction set of the processor, the type of processor, the number of cores, number of CPUs, information about the caches etc. Linux : In Linux, the “proc” file system  is […]

Learn Software Exploitation

Since a few years I have seen many questions on forums pretty similar to that one “how to learn hacking ?“, and usually the answer is “you have to try“. Usually the answers are not very helpful nor redirect the new ethical hackers to good ressources. To answer that question myself, I would begin with […]

Basic Shellcode Analysis

Analyzing a shellcode is always instructive, it can give the penetration tester hints about what is used in it, or the penetration tester can learn about the techniques used, but he might also prevent himself to use destructive shellcodes. After a few searches on the Internet I found a pastebin page to illustrate my example. […]

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Installing Gerix on Ubuntu from Backtrack’s repository

GerixWiFiCracker is GUI for Aircrack-ng suite, is designed for pentesting in a realworld with efficent and userfriendly graphic interface. Note: This small tutorial is based on the repositories from backtrack 5 R1 and ubuntu 11.10 and ubuntu 12.04 The first step is to add those lines to “etc/apt/sources.list”

Once those lines added to the […]

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PPTP VPN With Debian (add button disabled)

Today I had to create a PPTP VPN in a Debian virtual machine, therefore I installed the following packets :   $sudo apt-get install pptpd $sudo apt-get install pptp $sudo apt-get instapp network-manager-pptp but when I tried to add the VPN ( in System -> Preferences -> Network Connections ) the “add” button was disabled. […]

Bypass a Blocked NAT

A few years ago, I was staying in a student accommodation, where I had to pay to connect devices to the internet.  Since I was doing a Master in Computer Science, I had many devices to connect and decided to buy a router / switch Cisco Linksys E2000 and use the Network Address Translation to […]

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