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The bad, The good, and The ugly Picture

This is a subject I wanted to write about for a while, and here it is, after a long hour of playing God of War Ascension, I saw the avatar of a friend of mine and it directly reminded me of the post I wanted to write. Should parents post pictures of their children online […]

How To Start with Gnuplot

Gnuplot: Gnuplot is a “simple” command line tool that generates 2D, 3D, GIF  graphs which can be used along with all major operating systems and which is often used in publications due to it’s high quality graphics.  The next paragraphs illustrate a few simple examples to start as well as how and why to make […]

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Google Two Factor Authentication and SSH

For my research and during my free time I’m managing and using multiple  GNU/Linux machines over SSH so I decided to try the Google Two Factor Authentication. Google Authenticator is a completely open source project, this means that you can compile the sources from scratch, contribute to the project, or even examine and read the […]

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Install Nvidia Drivers and CUDA 5 on Linux

This post is a simple, quick and easy “how to”  install Nvidia Tesla drivers and CUDA 5 on Linux Ubuntu Server 11.10. CUDA is a parallel computing architecture which enables dramatic increases of computing performances by harnessing the power of the graphic processing unit (GPU). This guide covers the installation of the Nvidia Tesla K20m […]

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Windows 8 Clean Install 70GB Used ?

Yesterday after some problems with an Nvidia graphic card on Linux, we decided to install Windows 8 – 64bit on the new Supermicro computer in the office to see if the problem was only happening on Linux, or if Windows was also affected. Specs of the Supermicro Computer : 8 * 8GB DDR3  160 Gb […]

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CPU Information on Linux and OS X

This is small blog post detailing how to obtain information on your CPU on Linux and Mac OSX. These commands give information such as the instruction set of the processor, the type of processor, the number of cores, number of CPUs, information about the caches etc. Linux : In Linux, the “proc” file system  is […]

[Review] 5 Days With an iPhone5

It all began on Friday 21st at 4:30 AM on my way to the Apple store ! Yes ! this time I was living in a “relatively” small town with an Apple Store, so I decided to change my old phone with a brand new iPhone5 running on iOS6 with a broken map app, and […]

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[Review] Practical Lock Picking

Lately I bought the book “Practical Lock Picking : A physical Penetration Tester’s Training Guide”  by Deviant Ollam, and I loved it.  I have been practicing lock picking since a year now and always enjoy  such as great reading to improve my hobby skills. The book takes a practical approach and describes locks with clear […]

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Infinite Loop with Dashlane

Today I ran into my first problem using Dashlane,  do you remember this post where I said : “Guys you should use Dashlane because it’s awesome, especially in case of a password leak” ? I remember it well ! and I believe that Dashlane is an awesome tool to “avoid” your  passwords to be leaked. However […]

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Facebook HOAX [Phone Numbers Have Names]

Today I have seen a few people on my news feed talking about  : “Your Phone Number has a Name on Facebook“, as I am a curious person I wondered what the fuzz was all about and read the small image til the end. 1) enter @ followed by [ then a 3 digit number followed […]