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C Language Tricks

I have been using C for a couple of years now and I always thought about writing a small post about C tricks I learnt over the years, and here I am. This morning I basically came acros a website showing a few C tricks that I already used and I finally got the inspiration to write my C tricks as well.

The first tricks I have been using sometimes is the following :

This stores the hexadecimal values of ABCD into I which should set the values to 0x41424344 (A = 41, B = 42, C = 43, D=44). I used this trick a couple of times for debugging purposes since it is easier to find ABCD or 0x41424344 than another value.

2)  The next C trick I have is the following :

In this short example, the xor function is used



0 | 0 = 0

0 | 1 = 1

1 | 0 = 1

1 | 1 =0

Applied to our values it gives us the following :


As shown we inverted the values of ‘a’ and ‘b’ without using a third variable.

3) The third trick is about structures :

As shown, the variables of the structure have been initialized at compile time and not first at 0. You can also use

which will initialize all the elements to 1;

That’s all I got/remember at the moment, if I come across some other cool tricks (that I used) I’ll just update the post.

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