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Installing Gerix on Ubuntu from Backtrack’s repository

GerixWiFiCracker is GUI for Aircrack-ng suite, is designed for pentesting in a realworld with efficent and userfriendly graphic interface.

Note: This small tutorial is based on the repositories from backtrack 5 R1 and ubuntu 11.10 and ubuntu 12.04

The first step is to add those lines to “etc/apt/sources.list”

Once those lines added to the sources.list files you can run the command

And finally to install gerix you can finally run this last command :

And that’s it.


PS1: If you encounter any errors with PGP while installing / updating (UBUNTU TLS 12.04) any tool  try the following commands :


PS2: If you encounter this particular error :

Try the following commands:

At the first question answer by ‘n’ and then answer by ‘Y’ the second and third one.

And that should solve the dependencies problem

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