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“Hacking” Friends Hotmail’s Accounts

There are a few existing ways of hacking an hotmail account, such as brute-force, or the secrete answer/question, but today I(and friends) found another “way” of doing it (that I never heard before)

Long story short :

To make it work, the hacker needs to know the “save” e-mail address, and hope, this address has been deleted.

When you forgot your password it is possible to ask hotmail to “Email me a reset link“, when clicking on this link hotmail  shows the user the e-mail address to which it is going to send the reset link, for example :


But in a few cases, this e-mail address might have been already deleted by hotmail (if you didn’t used it anymore, or if the target didn’t used it anymore), to verify that fact, the hacker can simply  return to the following link:

“Can’t access your account” (on the sign-in page)

From there the hacker can tick the  “I forgot my password” radio buttonfollowing the link the hacker will find the page displayed below :
And here comes the trick :

IF the address does not exist anymore, the hacker will receive the following message :

If hotmail returns the following message the trick is to “recreate” this e-mail such as creating a new account, and then restore the password from the account you wanted to get the password back at first.


And that’s it, hotmail will not verify that the previous e-mail had been deleted or not, it will simply send you the restore password link.


Have fun.

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