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Hidden Wi-Fi Diagnostics Tool In Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

During my search on “How to show the Library Folder on OS X Lion” I found an nice article talking about a hidden Wi-Fi Diagnostic Tool in OS X Lion, and after a few tests, I thought that it was a good idea to publish it on my blog as well.


In Mac OS X Lion and Previous versions, a  tool for connections test was existing (e.g.  Utilities -> Network Utilities ) but it was not dedicated to Wi-Fi. However this one is, and is accessible at :

To access it :

  • Open the Terminal
  • Copy, paste the previous Link in the Terminal preceded by “open”

  • Press Enter

You should see  the following window appear on your screen (Open your Wi-Fi):

As shown above, you will have the choice between four options, lets resume them fast :


Monitor Performance:

This option will give you a few information about the Wi-Fi connection you are using, and the signal rate etc ( such as shown in the print screen below )

You will the be able to export all the data into a PLIST (XML) file.


Record Events :

This will allow you the possibility to monitor all the events appearing on your Wi-Fi. ( This could be useful when you know that a friend is trying to hack your Wi-Fi for fun )

In this case you will be able to export everything as well in a Plist file.


Capture raw frames :

This option will allow you to capture data going on the network,  going to and from your computer, or data that could be listened on other networks :

Below You might see the capture Process :


To see the data, you will have to click on continue and export the data, finally a ZIP file will be created with a Plist file and a PCAP file that you will be able to open with a tool such as wireshark.

Turn On debug logs :

This option is just a log system about your connection. Most of the information received are kernel calls.


Now you will be able to monitor your Wi-Fi connection in the best way.

And that’s it.




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