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Gnuplot Zoom In

This is another post about Gnuplot, and how to use multiplot  and zoom-in on data points/ lines  that can be difficult to distinguish.  Using multiplot will allow to place a secondary plot inside the main one, “emulating” a zoom on data points, by using a different scale. The plot will be placed to specific coordinates for clarity.

Lets create a simple plot to start with:

With this simple data set  example :




Sometimes, it is not possible to plot data with a different scale, and it is impossible to distinguish different data points. It is possible to use a simple “magnifier” trick, by using the following script instead.

Using this trick, a second plot is created, with a different scale and it looks like a simple magnifier allowing the reader to have a clear idea on how the points are laid out or simply place emphasis on certain data points.

Zoom In plot

Zoom In plot



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