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Plot Pings With Gnuplot

Recently I was discussing some problems occurring on my landline with my ISP’s customer service, and some connectivity issues that they couldn’t fix. After sending them a couple of traceroutes, pings, router logs, I also decided to plot some of the data for them, because they seemed having difficulties to spot the problems.

So I made a simple bash command to store the ping time values in a file and plot it with Gnuplot.  This is the command you can  execute in your terminal / shell :

This will create a file called ‘pingTimes.dat’ only containing the time values of 100 pings.

Afterwards, the file can be plotted using Gnuplot and this simple script :

This will create a PDF file of the pings, containing a similar plot :

Ping Plot

100 Pings Plotted with Gnuplot

The code is also available on github.

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