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Brew Gnuplot on OSX Mavericks

I had to install Gnuplot today on OS X Mavericks.  To do so, I used homebrew, which is an easy way to install the missing packages from OSX, and that  I need to work. After typing in the following command in my terminal :

I obtained the following error :

I tried to  link the the libraries, but unfortunately I obtained this error :

I then tried with ‘sudo’  and obtained another ‘error’ :

This is an easy fix to solve the problem and install GnuPlot without errors  :

(There are some other solutions out there, but that are way more complicated than this one)

  •  Type the following commands in your Terminal

  • Install Gnuplot with the following command

  • Restore the rights on the ‘include’ and ‘lib’ folders

You can now use GnuPlot on OS X Mavericks.

Note : If you have any  problems, please check the comments + if you found a solution to a problem, please post it as a comment for future users. Thanks to all the people who contribute and contributed in the comments.

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