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The bad, The good, and The ugly Picture

This is a subject I wanted to write about for a while, and here it is, after a long hour of playing God of War Ascension, I saw the avatar of a friend of mine and it directly reminded me of the post I wanted to write.

Should parents post pictures of their children online ?

Sooner or later, I will be a dad  and as a future parent working in IT security I want my children anonymity, I want them being protected and be able to make their own choices when they will be old enough, till then,  I will have to make a choice, regarding my family and friends living far away, how will I share pictures with them and how will I show them how my children grown.

So I decided to have a careful look at my friend’s on facebook, and see what my friends decided about their children anonymity, and what I saw was horrifying !

  • Hilarious videos about their babies
  • Hilarious tweets about their babies
  • Their babies naked in their bath
  • Breast giving
  • Food overall the face
  • and much more

Well, those are  fun pictures, fun moments in a family life, and I do agree that these moments need to be captured, in fact we have so much devices to capture them that it would be sad if parents wouldn’t do it, but those are in my opinion private moments.


I wouldn’t like my parents publishing content about me being a baby without being able to filter it, and I am pretty sure, that some of those children will somehow suffer latter from this over-exposition they didn’t chose.

I do believe that they should be able to make their own choices.

Don’t get mistaken, I do not say that publishing one picture of your child will make a difference in his or her life, but I believe that putting his entire life on Internet is not the best way to raise your child, although as I said, I’m not a parent and this is a personal opinion.

There are also other concerns,

  • what is published on Internet stays on Internet
  • you will never know where the picture of your naked baby in his bath will end up
  • misappropriation of the pictures
  • pictures could also be edited  and could be used by someone to fool you
  • Cyber -bullying .

Sources of examples :  The NY Times ,The  Mirror  .

So here are a few alternatives that you could use instead of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram for sharing pictures of your children to family and friends :

  • Private website / FTP domain that you could set up  only accessible with a password
  • Use a dropbox account and share folders
  • Use shutterfly as a platform to control privacy and easily creating a sharing private site
  • Use Vimeo to share private videos (although those are now own by someone else)

As a personal recommendation, I would only use email and RAR files and usb sticks, because the pictures do not have to be stored on any other server than your computer.

And finally  a simple example of why these pictures should stay private : STFUParents blog.

That’s it.

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