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[Review] 5 Days With an iPhone5

It all began on Friday 21st at 4:30 AM on my way to the Apple store ! Yes ! this time I was living in a “relatively” small town with an Apple Store, so I decided to change my old phone with a brand new iPhone5 running on iOS6 with a broken map app, and wait there for approximatively 4 hours. This time, I would do something that I call “an only once in a life time” or (OOILT) (This is my small bucket list). Before leaving my flat, I had already made up my mind and told myself that if the queue was too long, or if it was too cold for me I wouldn’t stay there.

I arrived at the Apple store around 4:45 AM and the queue was approximatively 120 person, I had a tick jacket and the temperature was around 5 Degrees, I could definitively handle that, so I decided to stay !

– 5AM (a coffee with a  friend)


– 6AM

– 7AM

– 8AM

– 8:30 (I was inside !)

– 8:35 (I had an iPhone !)

And here I am 5 days later !  There have been many reviews on the web, so I’ll keep mine short, with simple Pros and Cons.

Pros :

I quickly opened the box and took the smartphone in my hands, my first impression was, “wow, that crap is  light”  I was afraid of letting it slip off my hands ! Then I turned it on and I was impressed by the brightness of the screen ! My old phone (3 years old) had a smaller and darker screen ! I liked it ! I then configured the phone and played a bit with it and I have to say that iOS6 and the iPhone are quiet fast ! Web pages load quickly, loads of apps can run without making it slow, panorama is awesome and there are a few features such as “Do not disturb” that I really like ! I also really enjoy the new speakers which are amazing and the videos that the phone is able to make. The new connector is also great, I read that a few people were mad about it, because they had to buy adapters, but … sometimes change is needed and the old one was just out of date !

Cons :

Apple ? seriously … what’s wrong with you guys ! that map app called “Plan” is the worst thing I have EVER seen !  I guess all of you have seen tweets about it, but if you haven’t used it, you cannot imagine how crap this app really is !  anyways …
The phone itself is not bad at all, however there is a serious problem of finition with the iPhone5 black!  The aluminum on the side is a bit too friable ! One day in my pocket and it seem that the sides of the phones are already getting back to their original colour ! WTF ? and you don’t have any bumpers on the market yet ?

Umad ?

Yes obviously I am ! no bumpers yet, and the paint getting away … but when I went to the Apple store monday, they replaced it directly with a brand new one ! so I have to admit that they take “care” of their customers and they even told me that if it happened again I could change it again ! So since I was  going to buy a bumper anyway at some point, I’m pretty ok with that ! even if it’s a bit annoying to have to choose the right pocket each time I have to move, to be sure that the iPhone is not in contact with keys, or with my coins.

Conclusion :

The iPhone 5 is not too bad, I like it, it’s fast, it has a bright screen, I like siri, the camera is great ! and If you had an old phone before, you will probably like it despite it’s numerous flaws. However if

someone has an iPhone 4 or 4S or a recent new android phone, I’m not sure if there is a point getting an iPhone5.  I have to say that’s its a great product, maybe not worth the price, but I will have to see if it last as long as my previous phone without any problem, and if it does, then I’ll be happy with it for the next 3 years.

To answer the question : “Was it worth to wait outside the Apple store for 4 hours“, I will answer no as I said, only once in a life time ! those 4 hours were the most boring hours of my life, but it was fun to do it once and to see how an Apple store was handling all the customers waiting ! I obviously don’t understand all the people doing that each time there is a new Apple product but … I guess everybody can spent his time according to his schedule.


[EDIT] New Issues after 10 days:

A friend an I discussed a flash problem on the iPhone5 ! which is very bad, the iPhone is not taking pictures properly due to a software issue !  look at this pictures in the dark with flash enabled.

We had to take the picture at least 5 times to get the flash working and the quality is terribly bad ! We also tried with his iPhone and he got exactly the same problems.

I hope these issues are gonna be fixed asap by Apple.


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