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[Review] Practical Lock Picking

Lately I bought the book “Practical Lock Picking : A physical Penetration Tester’s Training Guide”  by Deviant Ollam, and I loved it.  I have been practicing lock picking since a year now and always enjoy  such as great reading to improve my hobby skills. The book takes a practical approach and describes locks with clear figures and efficient explanations.

The book is written for a general public, from first timers to “advanced” lock pickers or hackers, and gives a clear view of Physical Penetration testing.

The book also shows us, how locks and keys are manufactured  and how locks work. Each mechanism is described using a great diagram. It allow you to think outside the box, and tries to broaden your view of lock picking. The book also shows us that lock picking is not “that” difficult and that it “simply” takes practice to become good at it (or efficient).

No matter what your background is, by the end of the book , you will be able to open some simple locks. Buying a lock picking toolkit is therefor useful while getting the book. I practiced along side the book and I evolved quickly from simple locks to medium locks and I really enjoyed reading it.

The chapters are organised like this :

  1. Fundamentals of pin tumblers and wafer locks
  2. The basics of picking : exploiting weaknesses
  3. Beginner Training : How to get good very fast
  4. Advanced Training : Learning some additional skills
  5. Quick-entry Tricks : Shimming, Bumping, and by passing
  6. They all come Tumbling down : Pin tumblers in other configurations

The only chapter I found missing was : How to conduct a real physical penetration test in a company. As the author is one of the most famous lock pickers in the field it would have been nice to have and overview of how he would conduct a physical penetration test.

The book also come with a DVD and an extensive appendix detailing tools and toolkits available for lock pickers.

As a final word, this book will be helpful if you are a beginner in lock picking or if you want to read about a practical approach of lock picking.

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