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Facebook HOAX [Phone Numbers Have Names]

Today I have seen a few people on my news feed talking about  : “Your Phone Number has a Name on Facebook“, as I am a curious person I wondered what the fuzz was all about and read the small image til the end.

1) enter @ followed by [ then a 3 digit number followed by :  then 0 then ] and press enter !

So basically the 3 digits should be the last 3 digits of your  phone number and a name should appear.

I tried the following

And obtained

Then I tried

and obtained

That looked interesting,  however some entries give you ‘0’ as a result !


should give you

What Really Happens ?

Basically, using the ‘@’ sign tags someone, and it seems to me that the guys “tagged” in the posts are early users or facebook engineers and the first one to seven digits are an ID identifying us, so  you can use

from 1 to 7 digits and you should always get an answer.

So I guess, this might be a small privacy concern, because you get names from people you shouldn’t ! I guess it would be fun to make a small automated script posting to find yours (if it is possible), and I really wonder how doubles are managed, anyways  that was fun looking at.

I wonder if those numbers also indicate a position in a database, so maybe a hacker could establish a list and use it later for an SQL injection ?

[Edit : This seems to be an hold trick, I have no idea why my entire news feed is full of people publishing this thing ! …  Hoaxes are probably remanent on Facebook, I guess ]

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